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Betsources is an iGaming Software Development company that introduces BSG Engine Platform – an Interactive multi- tenancy iGaming Platform with an ability to host multiple configuration websites. At Betsources we believe that technologies and business intelligence are keys of the competitive advantage. Betsources’s team commit their total focus and efforts on providing our partners with a product, which is fully customizable as per partners’ needs and requirements, almost infinitely scalable and flexible for all kinds of iGaming challenges. We offer a bespoke and very user-friendly Back office including a fully customizable front-end solution.

Business intelligence: better recognition and business evaluation of each client through analysis of their behavior and maximization of lifetime value

Architecture: Omni-channel solution scaled for multi-purpose business needs, to be securely exploited for different i- gaming verticals and configurations to facilitate online operations

CRM: A competitive advantage toolbox to manage your brand appearance, customer communication, direct file management, acquisition and retention aspects.


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